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This isn’t news anymore, but in case you missed it, here are some of the striking new hardware features of the iPhone 4 which Steve Jobs revealed in Monday’s WWDC keynote:

  • The screen resolution is double that of all prior iPhone and iPod touch models: 960x640 pixels.
  • The screen is made from a material called “aluminosilicate glass” which is 30 times more scratch-resistant than plastic and about as strong as sapphire.
  • The touchscreen LCD is fused to the underside of the glass in such a way that there’s almost no parallax, resulting in a viewing angle that’s closer to that of paper than a video screen (John Gruber calls it “live print.”) You also won’t see dust trapped under the glass anymore.
  • The metal edge is machined from a new stainless steel alloy which is five times stronger than normal steel and serves as the device’s antennas (which explains the three mysterious gaps).
  • It contains a gyroscope. This feature alone is going to make possible an entirely new class of motion-sensing apps.

When Gizmodo’s Jesus Diaz published the name and photo of the unfortunate Apple engineer who lost his prototype phone in a bar a few months ago, he and his employer made a conscious decision. In exchange for a story of dubious news value, they stained Gray Powell’s name, making him nothing more than the “guy who lost the iPhone” as far as search results are concerned, probably for a very long time. They decided that page views were more important to them than a young man’s career, and they gracelessly rushed to prove that to the world, even throwing in a few needless insults.

But the keynote wasn’t ruined, because Diaz didn’t manage to notice any of the things I listed above.

Gray Powell will be forever known as the guy who lost the iPhone, thanks to Jesus Diaz. But now Jesus Diaz will be forever known as the guy who calls himself a technology reporter, yet had an iPhone 4 in his hands for a week and missed almost everything that was interesting about it.

That works for me.

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